IVPA Teleradiology Services


Exciting news!! IVPA has a Teleradiology Service with exceptional service and quality reporting!

Our members currently using the IVPA Teleradiology Service are delighted with the exceptional quality, personal, and caring services from our independent radiologists!

Although not guaranteed, regular reads' turnaround time is “several hours” and at most 24. STAT cases are given priority. The IVPA Teleradiology service hours are Monday-Friday, 7AM-5PM PST, and most Saturdays. These hours will likely expand as the IVPA Teleradiology Service grows and we add more radiologists.

If you are already using our service - thank you! And if not - are you ready to hop on with the IVPA Teleradiology? Here’s how …


Are you NEW to DVMinsights?

Follow this link to a simple enrollment form  Create your DVMInsights Account for IVPA Teleradiology
Return the completed form to support@dvminsight.net with a message requesting to set up a DVMinsights account with Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association as the provider company.


Once set up, the onboarding team (at DVMi) will send your account info and instructions on submitting your test case. This is a one-time activity.
After receiving confirmation of the test case received, you are ready to delete the test case and send real cases.

IVPA will invoice you monthly. The fees are:

Initial hospital setup: $52

Up to 6 images: $70

More than 6 images: $82

STAT: $135

Please thank the Level the Playing Field Committee for getting this project off the ground. Depending on your current service, the IVPA Radiology Service savings will cover your dues many times over using this benefit alone!


Are you a CURRENT DVMinsights user?

Email DVMi support@dvminsight.net and ask for your account to be moved to Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association as the provider company.  If you like your radiologist, they are welcome to join the IVPA radiologist team – it does not affect any other clients or companies they work with. Please ask them to contact DVMi or pam@iveterinarians.org (919-219-5210) to be added to the IVPA radiology team.