IVPA is unique in that it supports only the special interests and needs of veterinary practitioners who own their practice or work in a locally owned practice — no matter the species focus, specialty or size of the practice.

In addition, IVPA is focused on educating consumers about industry consolidation and promotes the importance of knowing whether a veterinarian is locally owned and operated via marketing campaigns and a dedicated website, www.vetlocal.us

There are currently five types of membership.

Practice Owners:  Independent owners of locally operated practices (i.e., not part of a national corporation). IVPA members may own multiple practices within a defined geographic location, as long as they are not part of a national/global corporation or funded with venture capital.  These restrictions are further defined at the Hospital level description on the JOIN page of this website. 

Veterinarian:  Any practicing or retired veterinarian who does not own a practice but work/worked for a locally and independently owned hospital. 

Industry Affiliate:  Anyone who derives income from providing goods or services to independent practitioners.

Team Members (non-veterinarians):  The staff of veterinary clinics or hospitals can join IVPA at no cost. 

Student:  All veterinary students or college students intending to pursue a career in veterinary medicine can join IVPA at no cost. We strongly encourage this group's participation in our organization. One of our main goals is to educate current and future veterinarians on the value of practice ownership.

The clinical and business practice of veterinary medicine continues to grow in complexity as the delivery of veterinary care is influenced by the nationalization of veterinary practices across species and specialties, an increase in delivery of care by animal welfare organizations, and the introduction of veterinary services in retail outlets (WalMart, Meijer, etc.) IVPA is the only nonprofit association dedicated to the unique needs of independent practitioners.

IVPA is focused on:

1.  Promoting the value of veterinary care delivered by locally owned practices to animal owners.

2.  Assisting members in utilizing the many services already available within organized  veterinary medicine.

3.  Representing the special interests of our members both internal and external to the veterinary profession.

4. Educating clients on the changing business model of veterinary medicine. 

  1.  Lower the barriers to practice ownership by veterinarians
  2.  Support market competition and diversity in the entities delivering veterinary care to animal owners
  3.  Promote the value of independently owned, locally delivered veterinary care to consumers
  4.  Advocate for the special interests of independent practitioners internal and external to the profession

No, in fact we encourage you to continue your membership with AVMA. The AVMA is an umbrella organization that unites veterinarians from across the industry spectrum, and provides a level of services and support that is unmatched by any other association. IVPA focuses on the unique needs of independent veterinary practitioners. By maintaining your AVMA membership and also joining IVPA, you increase your influence across organized medicine.