Bonnie Bragdon, DVM, MS

Co-Founder, President

“Diversity in models for the delivery of animal health care will ensure animal owners have access to personalized care which meets their own emotional and financial needs as well as the physical needs of their animals. While industry consolidation can provide certain efficiencies to practitioners and consumers, maintaining options for veterinary clients will preserve the competitive landscape that drives innovation, quality, and choice.”

Dr. Bragdon strives to elevate the role of veterinarians in the business and practice of animal health through her work in organized medicine. She began her career in practice, serving for nearly 10 years as an associate veterinarian, owner-veterinarian and director with various animal hospitals and county animal control in the state of Georgia.

In addition to her responsibilities as a clinical practitioner, Dr. Bragdon excelled in operations management and transitioned to the administrative side of the industry, including roles as a Technical Services Manager for Merck Animal Health (where she strategized and delivered continuing education on medical and clinical operations to companion animal practitioners), and Senior Marketing Manager at BonVet Animal Health. She also spent more than six years in progressive positions with Abbott Animal Health, including Senior Manager of New Products Scientific Assessment and Veterinary Liaison Manager before the company was acquired by Zoetis in 2015.

Dr. Bragdon currently serves as Vice President of Marketing and Veterinary Affairs for Zomedica Pharmaceuticals, leading the marketing and veterinary medical strategy as it relates to product launches, industry trends, strategic partnerships, marketing, education, and training. She received both her DVM and MS (Veterinary Clinical Sciences) from The Ohio State University, and has also pursued graduate coursework in business administration. Dr. Bragdon is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as well as the American Association of Industry Veterinarians (AAIV), and represents AAIV in the AVMA’s House of Delegates. Her primary goal in her work on behalf of IVPA members is to promote the unique value independent practices deliver to their clients, their patients, and their communities. 


Don Woodman, DVM

Co-Founder, Vice President

“I believe that independently owned practices have been integral to the development of the veterinary profession.  I believe that veterinary practitioners should continue to be the decision makers within the profession.  The rise of corporate ownership presents new challenges to veterinary owners and those that aspire to ownership.  I hope to help independent practitioners continue to have ownership as an option in their careers.”

Dr. Woodman graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech and worked as an associate veterinarian for several years prior to purchasing Animal Hospital of Northwood in Safety Harbor Florida, a suburb of Tampa, in 2001. Though his practice primarily serves companion animals, he also has a professional expertise working with smaller zoos and wildlife facilities. His wife, Susan, is a CVT and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. He and Susan do educational programs for local schools regarding raptors and wildlife.

Dr. Woodman has fostered numerous puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, FL. His current dog, Shirley, is a therapy dog that was raised to be a guide dog, but ultimately not accepted into the program.  He also owns four cats, a bobcat, and a Eurasian Eagle owl.


Patricia Hill, DVM

Co-Founder, Treasurer

“Through my service on the IVPA Board of Directors, I hope to help preserve the continued honor, leadership, and contributions to society by the profession I love. Without the voice and personal involvement of independent practitioners in these efforts, I am concerned there will be an erosion of the noble qualities that have benefited our communities for so long — and so well.”

Dr. Hill is a North Carolina native who received her undergraduate degree in Zoology from North Carolina State University and her DVM from the University of Georgia (UGA). She owned Hillcrest Animal Hospital in Simpsonville SC for 22 years before it was sold to an independent practitioner in 2013. She now owns East North Veterinary Hospital in Greenville SC, where she finds reward in the daily challenges and opportunities for growth she receives while helping fellow beings, both two-legged and four-legged.  

Dr. Hill has served as president of two local VMAs and the South Carolina Veterinary Medical Association, and has held positions on the UGA Alumnae Board as well as the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee. She currently serves as Legislative Chair on the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians Foundation Board.

Dr. Hill lives in Simpsonville SC with her Doberman and Quarter Horse.


Chris Bryant, DVM

At-Large Member

“Independent practice is both a great joy, and at times, an isolating responsibility.  I’m watching the veterinary profession go the way of pharmacy and much of the human medical and dental fields, where practices are part of large conglomerates and have little to no control over their own destinies. IVPA offers locally owned and operated practices the support and potential solutions to the problems that, alone, we are too small – and too busy – to solve.”

Originally from Louisville KY, Dr. Bryant received her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) and her DVM from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

After nine years as an associate at a multi-doctor small animal practice, Dr. Bryant purchased Cherokee Animal Hospital in Canton, Georgia in 2006. Her professional interests include animal behavior and acupuncture, for which she recently received certification. As much as Dr. Bryant enjoys being a veterinarian, running her business has become a second passion.

She is married to a very patient man, has two wonderful children and the requisite house full of animals. She is honored to be on the Board of Directors for IVPA and have the opportunity to leverage her experience and ideas to shape the IVPA into an organization that assists its members in meeting the everyday challenges of ownership and the industry alike.


Grant Jacobson, DVM

At-Large Member

"Independent veterinary practice owners and associates are faced with new challenges as the presence of large corporate-owned practices expands. They need an organization such as IVPA to support non-corporate ownership as well as support its members who are facing this new, competitive dynamic. I am passionate about this profession and honored to help develop IVPA into an organization that will assist private practitioners in continuing to thrive."

Dr. Jacobson owns The Hometown Veterinarian in Marshalltown, Iowa, which he opened in October 2018. Prior to starting his own small animal hospital, he spent 19 years working as an associate veterinarian for a practice he planned to purchase – that was until the owner decided to sell to a corporate consolidator. Rather than re-apply for his current position (at a lower salary), he decided to realize his dream of providing expert, ethical medical and surgical care for beloved pets and an unmatched service experience for their loyal humans.

A proud graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, he was recently featured on their website as part of the college’s #gentledoctorseverywhere campaign.


Brian Evans, DVM

At-Large Member

“Coastal Animal Hospital is built on a philosophy that enables us to stand out from the mainstream of veterinary care,” he said. “We develop relationships based on understanding the importance of a healthy pet which begins with wellness, routine care that acts as preventative medicine. This is the cornerstone of the ‘Main Street’ veterinarian and the way local animal hospitals can set themselves apart in this new competitive landscape.”

Dr. Evans is a San Diego native who completed his undergraduate (Biology: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior) and veterinary degrees from the University of California, Davis. During his studies, he spent time in Costa Rica learning tropical biology as well as on a research team in the jungles of Peru studying the Black and Chestnut eagle.

Upon receiving his DVM, Dr. Davis set off to New York City to participate in an intense internship where he was trained by some of the top veterinarians in emergency and critical care, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, cardiology, neurology, pathology, and radiology. He also started his first mobile veterinary practice and traveled to each of his appointments via the NY subway system, carrying his black medical bag.

He continued his house-call practice when he returned to San Diego in 2007, allowing him to establish Coastal Animal Hospital four years later in in Encinitas, CA. A second location in Carlsbad, CA opened in 2019. Dr. Evans was also a co-author of the first paper published on telemedicine in the veterinary space in JAVMA in 2018. He has been using telemedicine within the context of the valid VCPR since 2014. He is also an advisor to the telemedicine company, PetZam, he was a member of the AVMA Telemedicine Working Group, has been featured in several of the AVMA publications for telemedicine, and recently attended the AVMA Virtual Veterinary Care Summit where he had the opportunity to advocate for the best uses of telemedicine among AVMA staff, other veterinarians, and industry representatives.

Dr. Evans also founded The HANA Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to providing free and low cost veterinary care to homeless and financially needy families.

He has a core belief in shopping local and works to encourage those ideals and philosophies in the community.


Scott Neabore, DVM

At-Large Member

“There are a great deal of challenges facing the independent practitioner in the current climate of veterinary medicine. These include student debt, increased competition from corporate practices, specialty practices, low-cost clinics, and online pharmacies, as well as shortages of experienced technicians and associates. Ultimately, I feel that independent practitioners are best positioned to grapple with these challenges if we work together to support each other."

Dr. Neabore is a solo practitioner and owner of Neabore Veterinary Clinic, a small animal general practice in Haddonfield, NJ opened in May 2019. He graduated from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, deciding to pursue a career in veterinary medicine after volunteering in Cummings’ emergency department during his last year of college. He then worked for two years as a veterinary assistant at an independently owned, small animal practice near his hometown of Nyack, NY. Dr. Neabore also holds an M.S. in biology from Fordham University in New York.

Upon graduation, he moved to Tinton Falls, NJ, where he completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. At the conclusion of the internship, he took a position with the parent company, Compassion First, at a clinic in southern New Jersey. He worked for them for the next three years as a general practitioner and part-time emergency doctor. When he realized he wanted more control over his professional future, he began the process of starting his own practice.

As he continues to progress in his medical and business career, he wants to help other veterinarians adapt and change to remain competitive in this field. He sees IVPA becoming a strong voice and positive influence on veterinary medicine for years to come.


Marthina L. Greer, DVM

At-Large Member

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Dr. Greer is the co-owner and medical director of Veterinary Village in Lomira, WI, which she opened one year after receiving her DVM from Iowa State University. She has a special interest in pediatrics and reproduction, and established the International Canine Semen Bank-Wisconsin (where she serves as director). In addition, Dr. Greer has a JD from Marquette University and is a partner at Animal Legal Resources, a law firm focused on promoting animal welfare along with protecting the rights of individual owners. Most recently, she started working with Revival Health as their Directory of Veterinary Services.

Dr Greer serves as the Vice Chair of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing Veterinary Examining Board and  President of the National Animal Interest Alliance as well as a current director for the Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics, the American Veterinary Medical Law Association, and the AVMA Judicial Council. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association,, the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, the Society for Theriogenology, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the American Association of Feline Practitioners. She is a a certified Fear Free Professional.




Terry Tosh

Executive Director

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Terry Tosh is a retired USAF officer with a background in research & development program management. He began supporting the IVPA as a freelancer in late 2017, helping to develop a project plan and budget for the association. That led to his current position as Executive Director after he became fully involved with our mission and goals. He serves as a director on another nonprofit’s board and is currently working as a project manager for Mercy Ships, a nonprofit that operates hospital ships to provide medical care to third world countries.