Will Curbside Check-ins Still be Relevant in a Post-Covid World?

Covid certainly brought some changes to veterinarian operations that may or may not continue into the future. One of the most significant changes was likely the curbside check-ins that minimized the number of people in the office as a way to protect patients and their families. 

However, as the world slowly starts to get back to a new normal, the question remains if curbside check-ins will remain relevant even without the constant worry of Covid. Let’s take a closer look at how curbside check-ins may still be useful and why they may not work in other setups.

Advantages of Curbside Checks-Ins

There’s no denying that curbside check-ins have their advantages. Some of those benefits include:

Streamlines Check-In: For some patients, it is simply easier to pull up to the veterinarian’s office and have a staff member greet them right away. Not only does this serve to protect the health of the patient and the staff, but it also makes it easier by not requiring that the entire family come inside with the patient. Instead, the paperwork could be done quickly, and many offices relied entirely on digital forms to make it simpler.


Protects Health: Even as Covid gets more under control, other illnesses still remain. It may be helpful to continue curbside check-ins, especially during cold and flu seasons. It’s never a bad idea to protect the health of pets and people, and curbside check-ins could certainly limit the exposure to germs and illness for patients and staff.


Disadvantages of Curbside Check-Ins

Of course, there may be some drawbacks to continuing curbside check-ins. Some of the disadvantages may include:


Impersonal Experience: Some people may feel like the curbside check-in is an impersonal experience, especially if your pet is a brand-new patient. Even with the best communication, curbside check-ins may make people feel far removed from their pet’s veterinarian care.

Stress on Staff: In some instances, curbside check-ins may have created additional stress for staff. This could be true for smaller offices where only one person can answer phones and complete the check-in process. Dividing a staff member’s time may have led to missed calls or missed steps in a rushed check-in.

Which Solution is Right for You?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when considering if your practice should continue curbside check-ins. It’s important to consider your office size, the needs of your patients, and your overall opinion of the process you have in place. Consider your patients’ feedback and if they prefer the curbside check-ins or would rather come into the office. What works for one veterinarian office may not work for the next. Evaluate your office’s needs and make the decision accordingly.


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