Veterinary Recommended Solutions


VRS® provides IVPA members with a $100 gift card for practice owners and a $50 gift card for practice managers to learn about Veterinarian Recommended Solutions®.


  • We are co-founded and led by vets and we've helped 4,300+ veterinarians generate more than $17.2M for their practices, previously lost to online retailers like Amazon and Chewy.
  • We provide vets with evidence-based nutriceuticals.
    • For example, our omega-3 fish oil, Omega Benefits®, is backed by two of the largest randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical studies ever done on canine supplements.
  • Our quality standards exceed regulatory requirements.
    • We 3rd-party test every batch of our nutrition products for purity and safety and share the results with veterinary partners and pet owners.
  • We are loyal to veterinary medicine, which is why our entire product portfolio is only available through your hospital or through our home delivery program on your behalf, where you can earn revenue on every shipment.
    • End Result: VRS® increases your long-term client compliance and revenue 4X to support you and your practice!

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