IVPA Summit In-Person

Annual Meeting - A Day to Remember

Thursday, August 24th, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Kate Crumley

August 24th, 2023 was a Day to Remember with Dr. Kate Crumley!

-Networking: Engaged with fellow professionals and shared inspiring stories.

-Continuing Education (CE): Benefitted from Dr. Crumley's expertise, enhancing our knowledge.

Celebration: Toasted to the spirit and passion behind independent veterinary practice.

Thank you to Dr. Crumley, Blue Heron Consulting, and everyone who joined, making this day exceptional!!



Transition Planning: Buying and Selling Independently

It IS possible to continue your legacy of private practice ownership, even in this time of increasingly frequent corporate buyouts.  What it requires is planning and deliberately working toward this end goal.  We will explore reasons to sell and to buy independently and see how selling independently differs from a corporate sale.  We will look at ways to find those buyers with an entrepreneurial spirit and options for structuring the transition from owner to owner.  Drawing from personal experience, I’ll share my rewarding journey as an example of transitioning my practice to an aspiring young practice owner.

Clin Path for Business: Your P&L from a Clinician’s Perspective

We will use examples from real practices in an interactive format to look at practice financials as if we were SOAPing a medical case.  Bring your own P&L and learn how to break it down into the main 5 Key Performance Indicators.  Then use it to Assess what those KPIs tell you and create a treatment Plan to strategically improve your practice value.

Shark Tank Overview of Practice Valuation

We will spend the first part of the workshop exploring how the value of a practice is established in today’s world.  We will build on the information from the first two sessions to understand how financial data is used.  During the second half of the session, we will break out into small groups to use what we’ve learned to estimate the value and health of example practices and then share why or why not recommend the “sharks” buy the example practices.

IVPA Goals