How to Start a Mobile Vet Clinic

The convenience of a mobile vet clinic means that more sick and wounded animals are getting the care that they need. Plus, it makes it more convenient than ever for people to have access to these services since a fully functional clinic can roll up just outside their house. Not only are busy pet owners attracted to this veterinarian option, but veterinarians also love the low startup costs associated with a mobile clinic.


If you’re thinking of starting a mobile vet clinic, know that this trend is picking up speed, and more and more people appreciate the service. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Create a Business Model

First things first, you must establish a business model. Is your mobile clinic 100% mobile, or do you also offer onsite services? Is it a single operation, or will your mobile vet clinic include many other vehicles and vets? It’s important that you take the time to establish your business model so that you and your patients know exactly what to expect.


Name Your Business

What’s more fun than naming your own business? Make sure that your business name is professional and lends itself well to the industry. Avoid choosing a logo or name that infringes on another mobile vet business or confuses people about what you do or offer.


Buy a Vehicle

The good news is that there are many services that are dedicated to outfitting a mobile vet vehicle. If you can, get in touch with one of these services so that you are sure to have everything you need in the vehicle that you choose. When deciding on the make and model of the vehicle, consider the types of animals you plan on treating. You’ll want a space big enough to effectively treat your patients. It’s common for mobile vet clinics to work out of large vans or trucks.


Establish Pricing

Vet care costs money, and it’s important you have a clear pricing structure in place. You don’t want to undersell your services or be so expensive that nobody chooses you. Remember, you are offering an additional service by being mobile to make sure your prices reflect that.

Outline Your Service Area

Being mobile means that you can cover more ground but avoid taking on more area than you can handle. Most mobile vets can accommodate between 4 to 8 appointments per day, so you want to be sure that your service area isn’t spread out beyond your ability. Consider if you want to service an entire city or just an area within it. Remember to keep in mind the cost of your vehicle, including mileage and fuel.


Don’t Forget Your Vet Tech

Most vets still need a vet tech to ride along with them in a mobile clinic. Make sure that you hire someone to help with operations, restraint, and other services as needed.


The Bottom Line

Just as with any business, you must put some thought into structuring your mobile vet clinic. On average, mobile vet clinics have a startup cost of about $250,000, which is drastically less than the $1,000,000 needed to start up an onsite clinic.


A Name You Can Trust

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