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We’ll have much more to announce about this soon!

Shared by John Sheridan from the UK.  You may have to copy and paste this link into your browser.


from VIN News Service


from NPR:


This article explains how corporations run by non-veterinarians side step regulations in states prohibiting ownership of hospitals owned by non-veterinarians.  (You may need to copy and paste this link into your browser.)



(You may have to cut and paste this link into your web browser)




The attached white paper addresses concerns for MDs, but much of the content is applicable to DVMs.


Our Board of Directors met last week to address a number of matters, including a review of our Bylaws and expanding the size of our Board.  We have several volunteers from among our membership to serve on the Board, and we will be formally conducting an election by the membership for these positions next month.  I will be sending out an email within a few weeks with more info on that and other IVPA business.  Our membership drive continues, so please help promote us to your friends and colleagues.  — Terry Tosh, Executive Director

We’re completing production on a couple of short videos to promote the Association.  Looking forward to sharing those!  Also, the printers shipped the first order of window clings and table tents with our IVPA logo. We’ll be mailing those out to our Hospital Owner members as quickly as possible.  We’re also working on some ideas for our individual Veterinarian members.   —  Terry Tosh, Executive Director

We’ve been working on some promotional videos to help tell our story within the profession and to the public.  We hope to be unveiling those soon.  Watch our Facebook group and your email!  We’re also continuing our development of a webinar series.  Planning to launch that soon.  Details coming.
— Terry Tosh, Executive Director

Update for week of Sep 17th: I’ve been talking with our Affiliate members on ideas to boost our membership drive. Our Affiliates represent organizations and businesses that share many of our same interests, goals and concerns, notably a strong desire to see independent practitioners meet today’s challenges and thrive in their local communities. We’ll have announcements soon on the outcome of these discussions. Have a great week!
— Terry Tosh, Executive Director

Update for week of Sep 10th:  We are placing an order for window clings and table tents with the IVPA name and logo.  I will send an email to our Hospital level members as soon as I know when these items will ship.  This is the first step in a marketing campaign we have planned to identify and promote to the public the value of locally owned and operated veterinary practices.
We’ve also been strategizing about our membership drive.  More update on that next week.
— Terry Tosh, Executive Director

Our focus last week was on getting some marketing materials ordered that we promised our Hospital owner members.  These window clings and table tents will identify practices as members of IVPA and will be a starting point for future marketing campaigns.  We want to promote the value of locally owned and operated practices to the public.  We also worked with our social media director to plan a webinar series on how IVPA can help independent practitioners compete in this rapidly changing marketplace.  We’ll have more info on that effort in the next few weeks.

  • Did you know?  Certain positions within the AVMA can only be filled by candidates nominated by an organization represented in the House of Delegates.  One such position is the at-large member sitting on the Judicial Council which investigates claims of misconduct.  What does that have to do with IVPA?  One of our strategic goals is to become an Allied organization within the AVMA’s House of Delegates, so we can represent the interests of independent practitioners like you within organized medicine.  But we need your help!  To become an Allied organization, the IVPA needs to have 910 members or 1% of the AVMA’s membership.  Check out the benefits of IVPA membership at https://www.iveterinarians.org/membership-account/membership-levels/.  In the meantime, take a look at other AVMA volunteer opportunities which don’t require nomination by an Allied organization.

Entity Description: Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities Selection Committee


Position: At Large-Veterinarian
Details: Must be a current AVMA member
Term Ends: Staggered terms ending in either 2019, 2020, 2021. TBD at inaugural meeting
Nominations Due: Ongoing; Position to be filled immediately
Outgoing Member: Vacant
Nominees: None to date

Position: At Large-Veterinary Technician
Details: Must be a graduate of an AVMA CVTEA accredited veterinary technology program and currently licensed/registered/certified
Term Ends: Staggered terms ending in either 2019, 2020, 2021. TBD at inaugural meeting
Nominations Due: Ongoing; Position to be filled immediately
Outgoing Member: Vacant
Nominees: None to date