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Our Mission:

To unite independent veterinarians and empower them to shape the business & practice of animal health care.

Our Vision:

To advocate exclusively for the needs of the independent practice. To Promote the value of the independent practice to both our communities and our profession.


We Believe Independents:

  • Build enduring relationships with animals and their owners
  • Individualize veterinary care based on animal health needs
  • Deliver high-value veterinary care
  • Manage their practices to help clients manage the cost of animal ownership
  • Clients deserve to have a choice in veterinary practice


Our Vision Is To:

  • Advocate for the special needs of independent veterinarians
  • Promote our value to our communities and our profession
  • Increase utilization of locally owned practices


We Will Develop Member Services:

  • Services to help elevate the business & medicine practiced by independents
  • Connect veterinarians who want to sell to veterinarians who want to buy practices
  • Support veterinarians, nurses and practice managers employed by independently owned practices


We Plan To:

  • Build a network of owners, associates, nurses and practice managers
  • Finalize our association structure (board of directors, by-laws, non-profit tax status)
  • Raise money to fund services